I was…

30 Jul

I was a dog. I was a cobra. I was a dog again. A cobra…. A dog and then, a cobra…. Or dog… then, a warrior. A willow… A dolphin. A cat… A pigeon…A sleeping pigeon….. Oh, I was just trying do some Yoga.

I was a gymnast in junior high and I really liked it even though one huge tragedy happened. I was at a bar competition; bar was my favorite and I saw the grumpy faces of the judges. I started and then my step was misplaced, I straddled the bar and became a sloth. My manoeuvre made over 10 of the judges scream and many audiences sob, but I didn’t want to fall. One fall takes off 1.0 point automatically; I didn’t want to lose the point. I thought I managed to go back to being a graceful gymnast from a sloth, but my point was the lowest and I got huge bruises. Oh well.

A pigeon… A cat… A table top… (A- what?! Yoga’s naming makes me laugh)